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About us:

The Snowsports Association of Ireland (formerly known as the Ski Association of Ireland) was formed in 1971 to promote the development of the growing sport of Skiing in Ireland and affiliated to the International Governing Body of the sport, namely Federation Internationale De Ski (FIS) and subsequently the Olympic movement through the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI).The Snowsports Association of Ireland has been affiliated to the Federation Internationale De Ski for more than twenty years and the Olympic Council of Ireland since 1997.

To exercise the powers and discharge the responsibilities of the Governing Body in respect of recreational and to national and international competitive skiing and ski teaching including but not limited to Alpine, Nordic, Snowboarding, Surf and Freestyle.

The development and promotion of the sport of Irish national and international skiing by the encouragement of clubs and such other means as the Association shall from time to time determine.
To negotiate with and make representations to Government Departments, Statutory Bodies and other authorities in Ireland and abroad in the furtherance of the preceding objectives.




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